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Erie Canal in Lockport, NY USA

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One set of the new lock gates was installed in the old locks on May 5th here in Lockport NY. If the video link here (by our local cable TV company) isn't at the top...look for the one on May 5th. Most of the videos are from Lockport, NY anyhow.

We will have the new(er) locks from the early 1900s next to the original (1800s) from when the canal was first built. The idea is for people see them side by side. The old are manually operated. That set of locks is not used because boats are longer, wider and have more draft now. That is why the entire length of the Erie (barge) Canal was enlarged in the early 1900s.

Here were I live there is the Niagara Escarpment (on which is located Niagara Falls (USA) and the Horseshoe Falls (Canada). The locks here in Lockport lift boats 60 feet to get to the top of the escarpment on level with the Niagara River which feeds into Lake Erie which is off the Western end of New York State.

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You may have to click on "load more videos" at the top of the group of videos in order to get their most recent on of the gate installation on May 5th to show up.

Posted : 11/05/2014 12:10 am