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I thought we could have a Sudoku Thread so that we don't clutter up the chat ... anyone can post a sudoku, and we can use an on-line timer if we want to compete with, or challenge someone.  🤩 

Here is a link to an on-line 'Stopwatch'

And if anyone would like to try the daily Sudokus I subscribe to in the G&M I will post them regularly in here.  If you copy them to a program like Paint you can do them or they could be printed, or whatever works for you.  Anyway - I thought I'd give it a try.


And, of course, we could post daily links to on-line sudokus we try with the timer results, as a few of us have been doing in the chatroom.  😊 

Posted : 04/07/2020 5:14 am
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Below are the G&M sudokus from July 1 - 3


Remember, you can use this timer if you want!



Posted : 04/07/2020 5:41 am
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These are the G&M Sudokus from July 4-6

My time 18:35 🙁

My time 17:31

My time: 3:57

Posted : 07/07/2020 1:38 pm