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Yesterday and today the Lorikeet family was there often and we saw Bowerbirds too. 

Lorikeets and male bowerbird


Posted : 17/03/2021 2:06 pm
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Other sightings in March were varied ...

Lorikeet & Bowerbirds:


Mr Rat

... and a Spider!

Posted : 01/05/2021 7:59 am
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Posted : 16/06/2021 5:32 pm
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Visitor at AlCam during the night 

Posted : 01/09/2021 7:47 am
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Al took these video clips yesterday:

A male satin Bowerbird visiting his feeder - and sampling the apple

And a cheeky cockatoo visiting and tossing the apple!


Posted : 15/09/2021 3:08 pm
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Midnight snack.

Posted : 03/12/2021 9:16 am
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Al has been seeing lots of bowerbirds on his feeder, but this big fellow is a catbird, and Al has been adding figs to the fruit!   "The green catbird (Ailuroedus crassirostris) is a species of bowerbird found in subtropical forests along the east coast of Australia, from southeastern Queensland to southern New South Wales. It is named for its distinctive call which sounds like a cat meowing, although it has also been mistaken for a crying child, or a scary vampire sound early in the morning.
Green catbirds are a medium-sized stocky bird with long, powerful legs and a long, stout bill.[2] The back, wings and rump are brilliant emerald green, with very conspicuous pure white spots at the tips of the tertiaries and secondaries, which, on the tips of coverts, form two white wing-bars. The tail is brownish emerald with white tips. The head is greenish brown mottled black and finely flecked pale buff. The chest is greenish buff to dull emerald with distinctive short white streaks."
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Posted : 04/12/2021 9:32 am
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Now we know what happens to the apples that are left at the end of the day!

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Posted : 04/12/2021 9:36 am
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Some 'highlights' from first half of this year!


'Standoff' with Butcherbird!

Mr. Cockie grabs an apple!

Lorikeet family


Posted : 11/06/2022 8:29 am
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