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Australian Bird Cams

Formerly Backyard Galah Cam

Goulburn, NSW

Goulburn 2, NSW

Wollongong, NSW

Evans Head, NSW

RB2sMom: Memory of yesteryear Chat image
RB2sMom: Galahs in other places Chat image
RB2sMom: Thinking of all of you down under with these awful fires, hoping for rain or at least containment of the fires.... Emoticon emoticon-27
RB2sMom: Lynn, nice memory, I would like to get one of those "fake" galahs here for Hannah and Harry Emoticon emoticon-59
Lynn: One of my pictures of BYGC. Ahh memories Emoticon emoticon-53 Chat image
vanislander: There's video - amazing!
AussieAl: The Southerly change is coming through now, Bruce. Hooroo.
AussieAl: Thanks Van.
vanislander: Have a safe night - both of you - thinking of you !
AussieAl: Hooroo Van, Bruce.
vanislander: OK Bruce. Take care hooroo
AussieAl: Yes, me too, Bruce.
Bruce: hoo roo
Bruce: gotta go get dinner ready Emoticon emoticon-53
AussieAl: Sunset is early here. The sun sets over our western escarpment.
vanislander: Well the rock has survived!
vanislander: Oh it's getting late - sunset happens quickly there - very short twilight then dark
vanislander: Says it's similar to the spotted dove which is around too
AussieAl: Its very still here now. The change might be close.
Bruce: sunset is very Orange
Bruce: me either
vanislander: I thought so, but colours are clearer somehow - don't think I've seen one at Al's before
Bruce: there's 1 now drinking
Bruce: a Bar shouldered dove Van you see them here every day
vanislander: Very colourful
vanislander: What is the dove on yr cam Al?
AussieAl: That boy is not much older than our older grandson.
Bruce: Thats so true Van
vanislander: What about smokers? I worry about them starting fires carelessly here when we have those conditions
AussieAl: Exactly, Van, and only nine years old.
vanislander: That's scary though
AussieAl: I hope so.
Bruce: wow they got him quick which is great his parents will have something to say I bet
Bruce: geez
AussieAl: Nowra.
AussieAl: Joh heard on the local radio that a nine year old boy was caught trying to light a fire with a blowtorch.
Bruce: Joys son was just on the phone from Sydney says its ok so far
Bruce: k
AussieAl: It’s predicted here for about 6 pm.
Bruce: it's a long way from here which is good at this stage
Bruce: so you havn't got the change yet?
AussieAl: We’re going to get a cooler wind change soon. Not sure what that will bring, more dust, or smoke from fires down South?
AussieAl: As you know, your local ABC radio station will keep you up to date.
Bruce: brb
Bruce: watching and waiting
Bruce: all good here
AussieAl: Crikey, Bruce.
Bruce: just been told Woodburn road is cut off Emoticon emoticon-18
AussieAl: Yep.
vanislander: Dust? Blown by the wind?
AussieAl: Now we have dust, lots of it!
vanislander: hooroo Emoticon emoticon-19
Bruce: hoo roo
Bruce: gotta have 1 Emoticon emoticon-62
vanislander: That sounds like a plan
Bruce: be fine
Bruce: so a good spot
vanislander: Mind how you go Bruce - I'll be thinking of you
Bruce: willbe OK will go to Keiths if need be
vanislander: Are you prepared to evacuate if needbe? It will be tough for Joy
Bruce: gotta go take Joy to doc's hoo roo
Bruce: we will be ok
Bruce: thats at new Italy so still some way away
vanislander: Oh Bruce - that is not good - how will you manage?
Bruce: don't feel like swimming today yet
Bruce: we ay least have a beach and the ocean Emoticon emoticon-62
Bruce: our area is told to prepare to take shelter
Bruce: heading here Chat image
vanislander: Thinking of you - be safe! Emoticon emoticon-19
AussieAl: Bbl, Van. I’ll give the budgies a spray, then I need to pop to the shops.
AussieAl: No, It’s east of us, and the wind will be blowing it away from us.
vanislander: In the air, I mean - breathing can be difficult
AussieAl: The Hooka Creek road blaze is back on the app.
vanislander: Is the smoke noticeable?
vanislander: So sad - hope some wollemi pines are left
AussieAl: I heard on the radio yesterday, that a lot of people up there have moved away from the area, just in case.
vanislander: When we stayrd nr katoomba a member of the family we were with - a young woman - was a fire fighter
AussieAl: Yes, they’re beautiful, but very fire prone.
vanislander: Blue mtns taking a hit again Emoticon emoticon-18
AussieAl: It’s gone off the app, so it musr be under control already.
vanislander: Well they're onto it right away - hope it's easily controlled
AussieAl: That siren would have been from the highway.
AussieAl: The fire app says there is a fire 3 km away.
vanislander: I see it's windy - was hoping that part of the forecast was wrong Emoticon emoticon-18
AussieAl: I’ll give them a mist soon.
vanislander: Birds are taking a siesta - poor things
vanislander: Please be safe ...
AussieAl: We can’t see any smoke.
AussieAl: Yes, I can hear it on the cam. It sounds like a fire truck.
vanislander: I hear an alarm?
vanislander: Emoticon emoticon-28 Emoticon emoticon-38 way too hot - that was expected to make the fire situation worse, I believe - said so on the news I watched yesterday
AussieAl: 42 degrees on our back deck at the moment.
vanislander: Close ... it was such an easy one too


First Week! A quick update on where we are.

By Rick | September 22, 2019 |
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The new site has been up and running for a little over a week. Many tweaks have been made since, there are probably many more to be made in the coming weeks. The following are a few recent tweaks and changes made to the experience. The fourth cam is now embedded on the site. The chat order is now reversed to be like our old chat. The input and latest message is at the top rather than bottom. The chat now has a private message functionality. The chat now shows user avatars. The chat now has a private message functionality. Main top menu order has been changed. Donor rank is now enabled. Log in issues are (hopefully) corrected for the members who had problems. There has been a lot of feedback to help with getting things right. It has been much appreciated. Currently we are working on optimization of site…

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New Name, New Look, Same Friends and Community.

By Rick | September 15, 2019 |
Posted in

It has been a long time since we started as Backyard Galah Cam back in 2010. We have made many friends and seen people come and go, some people who have passed away are dearly missed but are remembered in our hearts, as ever. We realised last year that it was time for the next chapter to our story and that was to create something fresh and exciting, but due to life taking hold we weren’t able to get to work on it. We decided that having a new name which better fits what we are was the way to go, the reason being that we have multiple cams in different locations and the name relating to only Galahs was not entirely fitting. If people are looking for wildlife webcams in Australia, “Australian Bird Cams” would be better for this. The new site is a work in progress, we have…

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