Goulburn, NSW

Goulburn 2, NSW

Wollongong, NSW

Evans Head, NSW

AussieAl: 17:56 Van.
vanislander: I believe he readjusted the cam - he landed on it, then when he took off to go back to the birdbath it tilted Emoticon emoticon-53
vanislander: Braving the lories Emoticon emoticon-53 I saw he was in and out few times when I scrolled back
vanislander: Look who's been here Chat image
vanislander: Hello khynan - I think it happens when the cockies and corellas get into conflict - they land on it and it tilts downwards. We get a bird's eye view Emoticon emoticon-61
khynan: the camera fell down again at kims Emoticon emoticon-62
RB2sMom: Hooroo, off to check on my dinner prep Emoticon emoticon-8 Emoticon emoticon-9
RB2sMom: I miss the galahs at Kim's home Emoticon emoticon-18
RB2sMom: Galahs are here
RB2sMom: G'day all, looks like rain everywhere Emoticon emoticon-59
vanislander: Sorry - phone went so I missed Bruce leaving - I wasn't intentionally ignoring Al! Emoticon emoticon-53
vanislander: It was a large stump - tree could be 100 yrs old - about 120 ft tall
AussieAl: Bbl, Van. Emoticon emoticon-8
AussieAl: 55?
vanislander: That's the stump
AussieAl: Wow!
vanislander: count the rings? Chat image
AussieAl: Hooroo Bruce.
Bruce: ok gotta go hooroo
AussieAl: Didn’t the lumberjacks split it for you?
Bruce: never enough Van Emoticon emoticon-62
Bruce: nope Emoticon emoticon-31
vanislander: Do you think we'll have enough firewood for next winter? Chat image
AussieAl: True, Bruce.
Bruce: wire's is about the only thing that's Too proof Emoticon emoticon-53
AussieAl: It’s brush cutter line, Emoticon emoticon-62.
AussieAl: I’m hoping it’s cockie proof, Emoticon emoticon-62.
vanislander: We constantly have to check our lines for squirrel damage - they are our cockies! Emoticon emoticon-18
vanislander: How long before cockies try to readjust it, Al. Is that twine/rope cockie proof or can they cut through it?
AussieAl: It still does, a little, Van, unless the rain is coming straight down.
Bruce: send er down Huey Emoticon emoticon-62
vanislander: At least the seed won't get wet in that feeder, Al - and it seems to have survived the night Emoticon emoticon-53
AussieAl: It’s been raining on and off all night.
AussieAl: G’day Bruce.
Bruce: G'Day Van and Al Emoticon emoticon-53
Bruce: yep flood and Fire that's Oz for you Emoticon emoticon-53
AussieAl: G’day Van. Emoticon emoticon-60
vanislander: More rain at Al's - what's with the weather - flood or fire?
vanislander: Hello ABC - g'day Bruce & Al. Looks like I missed the kookas
Bruce: 3 Kookas today Emoticon emoticon-53
Bruce: I guess it's Kooka time Emoticon emoticon-62
Bruce: G'Day all Emoticon emoticon-53
Rick: The west and Wales have severe flooding Emoticon emoticon-18
Rick: The winds were rough here last night but today it's quite calm, though quite wet.
Rick: Chat image
RB2sMom: Early morning coffee memory Chat image
AussieAl: It’s a 500 piece map of Australia.
vanislander: Oh good - hope it's nt a lot of orange!
AussieAl: I’ll post a photo of it when I start.
AussieAl: Joh gave me another one for my birthday.
AussieAl: Halfway through. It’s difficult.
vanislander: Good for you! You finished the jigsaw?
AussieAl: Anyway, I’ve settled down with a good book, so the chances of my trying it again have reduced.
vanislander: I knew you'd say that! Emoticon emoticon-26
AussieAl: Nope!
vanislander: Well, do it with sounds on Emoticon emoticon-62
AussieAl: I MIGHT have another go later, when my head stops aching, Emoticon emoticon-62.
vanislander: When I resorted to guesses Emoticon emoticon-35
vanislander: I hated this one and came close to quitting - took me 31:41 I absolutely needed the confirmation of the sounds
AussieAl: I spent over thirty minutes and still had a contradiction, Van. Emoticon emoticon-44Emoticon emoticon-21
vanislander: Oops - did I drop something? Chat image
vanislander: Emoticon emoticon-31 drawing board!
vanislander: Back to the drawing bird for Al! Chat image
Rick: Emoticon emoticon-62 that Lorikeet is stripping tree bark!
Rick: Perhaps it'll be more cockie proof now
Rick: Emoticon emoticon-62
AussieAl: I want the feeder near the birdbath, but I don't want the feeder near the birdbath, Emoticon emoticon-62
Rick: Version 3.0 for this feeder I think Emoticon emoticon-62
AussieAl: The feeder is further away from the cam now.now
Rick: It looks like they got it good! Emoticon emoticon-44
AussieAl: It looks like it, or a knot has slipped.
Rick: Perhaps their weight stretched the line Emoticon emoticon-62
Rick: Cya Van!
vanislander: Hi and bye Rick - be safe! Poooooof - gone
AussieAl: I’m not sure, Rick. I’ll inspect later.
vanislander: Now I'm really outta here Emoticon emoticon-19
vanislander: It happened last night when a cockie was in the feeder, 2 had been fighting over it earlier - maybe weakened the hanger?
vanislander: Making porridge? Emoticon emoticon-61
Rick: Did they snap something? Emoticon emoticon-62
Rick: Perhaps they are suggesting new looks. Emoticon emoticon-62
AussieAl: Hooroo Van.
AussieAl: I’m not sure what they have done, but the birdbath is full of seed, Emoticon emoticon-62.
vanislander: Hi and Bye Al - BBL
vanislander: I have to go - quick trip to grocery store before it gets too busy - we have a holiday Monday coming up I'd forgotten about
AussieAl: G’day Van. Emoticon emoticon-60
vanislander: Cockies love rearranging the furniture and cams Emoticon emoticon-61
vanislander: Feeder is still resting on birdbath Emoticon emoticon-15 Birds loving it - food and drink in same location
vanislander: 2 killed off Kent coast Emoticon emoticon-18
vanislander: Rick must be hearing the wind roaring Emoticon emoticon-18
AussieAl: Hooroo RB. Take care.
RB2sMom: A quick G'day and Hooroo, sciatica bothering me still today Emoticon emoticon-18
Rick: For sure
Bruce: me either but I have an excuse
Rick: Not exercising as much now Emoticon emoticon-62
Rick: perhaps I'm not as skinny as when I left Australia Emoticon emoticon-44
Bruce: wish I was that skinny
Rick: Emoticon emoticon-31
Rick: Chat image
Bruce: Raid flying insect non allergenic and oderless
Bruce: sure did
Rick: You got the spray out? Emoticon emoticon-62
Bruce: Van , we have a weapon Emoticon emoticon-62
vanislander: Hate the mozzies - watch out, Bruce
Bruce: BBL gotta run to the shop
Bruce: all they need is a little rain Emoticon emoticon-62
Bruce: lots of Mozzies out there now Emoticon emoticon-18
Bruce: hi Van Emoticon emoticon-53
vanislander: G'day Bruce and Rick. Lovely to see the kookas Emoticon emoticon-15
Bruce: 3 today
Bruce: kooka time Emoticon emoticon-53
Bruce: bbl
Bruce: G'Day Rick Emoticon emoticon-53
Rick: G'day Bruce
RB2sMom: Today's memory from the past was a Happy New Year Chat image
vanislander: Not sure how that happened - loud clash sound and Al's new feeder fell down - the cockie feeding in it flew off
vanislander: Hope you're having a great day!
vanislander: 17:44 - and it felt like forever Emoticon emoticon-62
vanislander: 19 seconds!
vanislander: You beat me by ....
vanislander: Oh I was just thinking you'd maybe not have time for today's - which I found very frustrating Emoticon emoticon-18
AussieAl: 17:25 Van.
vanislander: Providing us with a bird's eye view Emoticon emoticon-62
vanislander: I see cockie/corella has been busy with goulburn2 cam Emoticon emoticon-15
AussieAl: Sorry Van, Rick. I’ve been on the phone.
vanislander: I might make one later - it's been a busy day so far - and I've put in my order for dinner - schnitzel! His specialty.
Rick: You can make one Emoticon emoticon-62
vanislander: I didn't actually get my gardener a valentine's card Emoticon emoticon-18
Rick: will never happen
Rick: Emoticon emoticon-61
vanislander: Did you get loads of valentines, Rick? ♥
Rick: nope not yet Emoticon emoticon-62
vanislander: Oh - are you in bed already? (I'd better not call then .... ) Emoticon emoticon-61
Rick: Battening down my eyelids is more like it Emoticon emoticon-62
vanislander: So you've battened down the hatches? Emoticon emoticon-15
Rick: Dennis the Menace is due yep
vanislander: Rick - is your storm about to arrive? (Dennis?)
vanislander: Hope he doesn't get any ideas ... Emoticon emoticon-49
vanislander: How does Gene like being with all the hens 😉
vanislander: gone now .... of course Emoticon emoticon-53
vanislander: Looks bigger
vanislander: Is the closest bird in the aviary (right now) the cockatiel?
vanislander: Happy birthday Al - just tried to post and saw I was logged out
Rick: Emoticon emoticon-31 yep
AussieAl: As long as they lurk, and don't cause trouble.
Rick: Pesky buggers
Rick: Two of them now Emoticon emoticon-62
Rick: That cockatoo has been lurking for a while today, he's on top of the aviary!
Rick: Emoticon emoticon-62
AussieAl: Never!
Rick: One less slice of Vegemite on toast for breakfast to save room?
Rick: Very Nice!
AussieAl: Joh’s taking me to the Mount Kembla pub for lunch.
Rick: He is turning 79 so no!
AussieAl: We’re probably about the same age?
Rick: He's being taken out to a chinese restaurant by his better half I believe Emoticon emoticon-62
Rick: My grandad shares the same birthday as you, isn't that funny Emoticon emoticon-62
Rick: Excellent!
AussieAl: I will, Rick. Joh’s shouting.
Rick: Treat yourself to an extra beer today! Emoticon emoticon-62
Rick: Happy Birthday Lord Al! Emoticon emoticon-9
AussieAl: Thanks for all my birthday wishes. Emoticon emoticon-3
RB2sMom: Hooroo, back to laundry I go....Emoticon emoticon-20
RB2sMom: I wish my galahs sang, but Harry talks
RB2sMom: All the birds have nice little calls, even the budgies
Rick: I miss hearing the maggies happy little tunes. They have a beautiful song there.
RB2sMom: And maggie
Rick: down on the ground right now
Rick: Cockie just landed at Al's, here's trouble!
RB2sMom: Doves are displaying by fanning their tail feathers
Rick: For sure!
RB2sMom: Lots of good birthday wishes for Al started early in the day by our Elsa
Rick: Hi there RB!
RB2sMom: G'day Bruce, Rick, Van, Elsa, and of course Al the birthday boy
Rick: Lorri's are here
Rick: 83 today? Nooooo
vanislander: We've got his number! Emoticon emoticon-15 Chat image
vanislander: Is that the birthday boy?
Rick: Chat image Fresh Apple Time!
Rick: 'tis a long way up!
vanislander: I missed Lynn - was busy watching tree guys here Wow! Those guys are fit!
Lynn: Going now. Bye Rick, Bruce and vanislander Emoticon emoticon-19
Bruce: ohh yes
vanislander: Then maggie
Bruce: yep Dad will be here soon I think
vanislander: Kookas were waiting - I scrolled back and saw 3
Bruce: 3 today and 1 in the tree keeping watch Emoticon emoticon-53


First Week! A quick update on where we are.

By Rick | September 22, 2019 |
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The new site has been up and running for a little over a week. Many tweaks have been made since, there are probably many more to be made in the coming weeks. The following are a few recent tweaks and changes made to the experience. The fourth cam is now embedded on the site. The chat order is now reversed to be like our old chat. The input and latest message is at the top rather than bottom. The chat now has a private message functionality. The chat now shows user avatars. The chat now has a private message functionality. Main top menu order has been changed. Donor rank is now enabled. Log in issues are (hopefully) corrected for the members who had problems. There has been a lot of feedback to help with getting things right. It has been much appreciated. Currently we are working on optimization of site…

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New Name, New Look, Same Friends and Community.

By Rick | September 15, 2019 |
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It has been a long time since we started as Backyard Galah Cam back in 2010. We have made many friends and seen people come and go, some people who have passed away are dearly missed but are remembered in our hearts, as ever. We realised last year that it was time for the next chapter to our story and that was to create something fresh and exciting, but due to life taking hold we weren’t able to get to work on it. We decided that having a new name which better fits what we are was the way to go, the reason being that we have multiple cams in different locations and the name relating to only Galahs was not entirely fitting. If people are looking for wildlife webcams in Australia, “Australian Bird Cams” would be better for this. The new site is a work in progress, we have…

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