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News & Community Posts

First Week! A quick update on where we are.

By Rick | September 22, 2019 |
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The new site has been up and running for a little over a week. Many tweaks have been made since, there are probably many more to be made in the coming weeks. The following are a few recent tweaks and changes made to the experience. The fourth cam is now embedded on the site. The chat order is now reversed to be like our old chat. The input and latest message is at the top rather than bottom. The chat now has a private message functionality. The chat now shows user avatars. Main top menu order has been changed. Donor rank is now enabled. Log in issues are (hopefully) corrected for the members who had problems. There has been a lot of feedback to help with getting things right. It has been much appreciated. Currently we are working on optimization of site performance. Due to all of the features we…

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New Name, New Look, Same Friends and Community.

By Rick | September 15, 2019 |
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It has been a long time since we started as Backyard Galah Cam back in 2010. We have made many friends and seen people come and go, some people who have passed away are dearly missed but are remembered in our hearts, as ever. We realised last year that it was time for the next chapter to our story and that was to create something fresh and exciting, but due to life taking hold we weren’t able to get to work on it. We decided that having a new name which better fits what we are was the way to go, the reason being that we have multiple cams in different locations and the name relating to only Galahs was not entirely fitting. If people are looking for wildlife webcams in Australia, “Australian Bird Cams” would be better for this. The new site is a work in progress, we have…

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Welcome to Australian Bird Cams

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Here you can watch our four webcams which show some of Australia's amazing wild birds and perhaps even a Kangaroo!

Among others, you can see: Galahs, Rainbow Lorikeets, King Parrots, Corellas, Sulphur-crested cockatoos, Australian Magpies

You can view a full list on our Bird Identifier Page.

Our cams are in various locations around New South Wales including Goulburn, Nowra, Wollongong and Evans Head.

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Other Interesting Cams

  • Tomnliz

    Littlehouse Live - Kansas, USA

    Founded in 2009, by TomofLilhouse they have six live streaming web cams with sound featuring some of their many birdfeeders, gardens and Koi pond.

  • 07Y8zrN

    NatureTec - Recke, Germany

    Great bird cams in Recke, Germany. Here you can see a wide range of European birds but also a wide range of other animals, especially at night time (Hedgehogs, Mice & Voles among others) with the infrared cameras.

  • IT15N0v

    Sydney Sea Eagle Cam - Sydney, Australia

    Established in 2009, Sea-EagleCAM is a live, remote feed that operates out of the Discovery Centre in the Newington Armory at Sydney Olympic Park, close to the Parramatta River.

  • nEMHOhs

    Gresham, Norfolk, UK

    Birds seen include wood pigeon, collared dove, great tit, blue tit, coal tit, long tailed tit, robin, blackbird, dunnock, chaffinch, magpie, jackdaw, pheasant, goldfinch, greenfinch and starling. At night you will hear Tawny owls calling.

  • x9ptuAV

    CritterVision Critter Cam