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Australian Bird Cams

Formerly Backyard Galah Cam

Goulburn, NSW

Goulburn 2, NSW

Wollongong, NSW

Evans Head, NSW

AussieAl: "Maybe stock up on footpaths, if that's what they like to feed on?" Emoticon emoticon-61 Emoticon emoticon-61
vanislander: Hi & 'bye RB - was in kitchen and missed your post
RB2sMom: A quick G'day and Hooroo, busy day Emoticon emoticon-59
vanislander: Maybe stock up on footpaths, if that' what they like to feed on?
vanislander: You need a galah decoy, btw - borrow Kim's
vanislander: eggs, for lunch Emoticon emoticon-61
vanislander: Enjoy Al - I was just cooking eggs fo lunch Emoticon emoticon-15
AussieAl: Emoticon emoticon-8 Van. Emoticon emoticon-19
AussieAl: Maybe, but the trees have always been here.
AussieAl: Whatever I said or did, Galahs, I’m sorry. Emoticon emoticon-45
vanislander: Maybe it's your trees? Do they prefer more open spaces?
AussieAl: I see them around the town, feeding on footpaths.
AussieAl: I wish galahs would come back here.
vanislander: galah landed on kimcam feeder Emoticon emoticon-53
vanislander: Mr pie still on patrol at Bruce's - what a character
vanislander: pretty much half the yard ...
vanislander: He likes to spread a layer of mulch over the base of the rhodos
AussieAl: Still, the thicker the better.
vanislander: It's not a regular pickup truck, either. One of the big trucks ...
AussieAl: A truckload? That’s a lot of mulch.
vanislander: That's what my dad did - then he got the diabetic diagnosis
AussieAl: That would be pointless, Emoticon emoticon-62.
vanislander: Good for you - don't substitute with honey though ... 😉
AussieAl: I’m making a taste adjustment; cutting back on sugar.
vanislander: Our nasty weather arrived, but it's not as bad as I feared. The gardener ordered a truck load of bark mulch ... guess he likes working in the rain!
AussieAl: Just finished, Van.
vanislander: G'day Al - enjoying that first cuppa?
AussieAl: G’day Van, Bruce.
vanislander: Saw the figbird a few times too - maggie didn't bother him, but he was wary
vanislander: I scrolled back - was too late to see live action Emoticon emoticon-18
vanislander: Sorry I missed you Bruce. Was nice to see kookas again - I saw one being attacked by bossy mr pie! He has quite a swagger as he patrols
Bruce: BBL
Bruce: Naughty Mr Pie!
Bruce: and don't forget Mrs Pie and Baby Emoticon emoticon-53
Bruce: and Corellas /Galahs Emoticon emoticon-62
Bruce: Kooka time Emoticon emoticon-53
RB2sMom: Past memory at the original place, first birdies of the morning Chat image
RB2sMom: Al, looks like your budgies graduated from pre-school to the real world. They like to explore as they are really curious little guys. Emoticon emoticon-15
RB2sMom: Van, glad to see that everything went well with your husband's follow-up appointment, except for distance traveled. Emoticon emoticon-53
vanislander: hooroo, Al
AussieAl: Bbl, Van. Hooroo for now.
AussieAl: They seem to be all under control now, thank goodness.
vanislander: Oh quite a few fires near Bruce Emoticon emoticon-18
vanislander: Allour tropical plants are now in the greenhouse
AussieAl: It looks like it’s not raining where the fires are.
vanislander: Is the rain you're getting in NSW helping with putting out the wildfires?
AussieAl: Goulburn is a land of extremes, Emoticon emoticon-62.
vanislander: We've been 'warmer' than Goulburn a few times recently
AussieAl: Stoke up the fire.
vanislander: Well - it IS autumn - looking like wet coast weather for sure
AussieAl: Getting a little cool, Emoticon emoticon-62.
AussieAl: There are showers on the radar.
vanislander: We are having rain & strong winds forecast for next few days Emoticon emoticon-18
vanislander: I saw rain in your forecast
AussieAl: Their first night in the big, wide world might be windy and wet.
vanislander: yes - I'm surprised how their different personalities show
AussieAl: A week or two, and we’ll know.
AussieAl: They always seem to fit in.
vanislander: The first one seemed lonely - wonder how the next one (you showed us the blue belly) will behave when he joins the flock?
AussieAl: Yep, they’ve settled in nicely.
vanislander: They seem to enjoy being in the aviary together - they're playing together Emoticon emoticon-53
AussieAl: Yes, Van. However, two of them are very similar to Dad.
vanislander: Siblings? Chat image
vanislander: Hooroo - and enjoy!
vanislander: I know .... I could smell it cooking! Emoticon emoticon-15
AussieAl: Hooroo, Van. Emoticon emoticon-8 here.
vanislander: OK - I'm off to other room - chat later, Al Emoticon emoticon-19
vanislander: Except for seeing dad come in through it to feed them
vanislander: They were not familiar with the door Emoticon emoticon-61
AussieAl: No.
AussieAl: ...except for the door, Emoticon emoticon-62.
vanislander: Is the cage still there?
AussieAl: No, they really wanted to get out. They were climbing all over the inside of the cage.
vanislander: They were being shy - I remember being the new kid, with my bro - in a few schools. Takes courage to go out and mingle. 😉
AussieAl: One was actually standing on the doorstep, and flew back inside, Emoticon emoticon-62.
AussieAl: ...However, it took them about half an hour to find the open door, Emoticon emoticon-62.
vanislander: and does ms bluebib acknowledge that they are hers?
vanislander: So is dad there now too?
AussieAl: the door, and let them find their own way out through the open door...
vanislander: snap!
vanislander: easier? to clean the cam or put the babies in aviary?
AussieAl: put the whole cage in the aviary...
AussieAl: I decided it would be easier...
vanislander: Lovely autumn colours today here - but the rain and wind will see them gone very soon
AussieAl: Yes, they seem comfortable.
AussieAl: A bit of spit and polish, Emoticon emoticon-62.
vanislander: The new one seems to recognize his bro from a week or so ago?
AussieAl: I gave the lens a wipe when I moved it back here.
vanislander: resolution on your cam is really good at present
AussieAl: I was paying a bill online. Emoticon emoticon-45
vanislander: Emoticon emoticon-31 - you were there! They look pretty good
AussieAl: The latest ones, yes.
AussieAl: Yep, two of them.
vanislander: Are these 2 white ones the new babies? Chat image
vanislander: Al must be prepping/eating lunch Emoticon emoticon-8 Emoticon emoticon-15


First Week! A quick update on where we are.

By Rick | September 22, 2019 |
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The new site has been up and running for a little over a week. Many tweaks have been made since, there are probably many more to be made in the coming weeks. The following are a few recent tweaks and changes made to the experience. The fourth cam is now embedded on the site. The chat order is now reversed to be like our old chat. The input and latest message is at the top rather than bottom. The chat now has a private message functionality. The chat now shows user avatars. The chat now has a private message functionality. Main top menu order has been changed. Donor rank is now enabled. Log in issues are (hopefully) corrected for the members who had problems. There has been a lot of feedback to help with getting things right. It has been much appreciated. Currently we are working on optimization of site…

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New Name, New Look, Same Friends and Community.

By Rick | September 15, 2019 |
Posted in

It has been a long time since we started as Backyard Galah Cam back in 2010. We have made many friends and seen people come and go, some people who have passed away are dearly missed but are remembered in our hearts, as ever. We realised last year that it was time for the next chapter to our story and that was to create something fresh and exciting, but due to life taking hold we weren’t able to get to work on it. We decided that having a new name which better fits what we are was the way to go, the reason being that we have multiple cams in different locations and the name relating to only Galahs was not entirely fitting. If people are looking for wildlife webcams in Australia, “Australian Bird Cams” would be better for this. The new site is a work in progress, we have…

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