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Australian Bird Cams

Formerly Backyard Galah Cam

Goulburn, NSW

Goulburn 2, NSW

Wollongong, NSW

Evans Head, NSW

vanislander: I missed it - but went back and found it! Chat image
KimmyRoo: I recorded it
KimmyRoo: Emoticon emoticon-61 Maggie was just attempting to eat the leg
vanislander: Well - I think that chicken leg might make a good bird scarer!
vanislander: Doesn't look as bad as the murky views earlier today, I guess
vanislander: Emoticon emoticon-18 Woman resces koala - wraps it in her shirt Emoticon emoticon-21
vanislander: Just showing smoky Sydney on our evening tv news Emoticon emoticon-18
vanislander: Well at least it's cooked! Emoticon emoticon-53
KimmyRoo: Just for fun
vanislander: For the maggies?
KimmyRoo: give me 5
KimmyRoo: I'll hang one out there
vanislander: I keep looking for the chicken leg Emoticon emoticon-15
KimmyRoo: Cam 3 ...I have changed the view again
vanislander: Today's 1* sudoku - I am just about to try it - late in the day for me
KimmyRoo: from the veranda
KimmyRoo: Emoticon emoticon-61 I should hang the chicken leg
RB2sMom: I wish we could get the picture of the video instead of just the link in the forums like we used to Emoticon emoticon-44
RB2sMom: Great to see Tom and Elsa playing our song game with me......
RB2sMom: Nice pictures everyone Emoticon emoticon-6
AussieAl: Nice photos, Van.
vanislander: His tail is barely visible against the tree, in the shade
vanislander: Last one - after spotting the invader, I looked at the birdhouse on the tree and saw one of our residents (tiny little native squirrel) watching everything ... I hadn't noticed him at first but he was watching me Emoticon emoticon-53
vanislander: Enjoy, Al. I'm just flooding chat with my photos from last half hour Emoticon emoticon-61
AussieAl: Bbs.
AussieAl: Sorry, Van, making B & E.
vanislander: He's one of the 'invaders' and doesn't belong here.
vanislander: His tail shows how guilty he felt - it was up like a squirrel's normally is when I first spotted him
vanislander: This fella was stealing from the bird feeder - I took his photo before he took off up the line to hide from me behind the tree trunk. Chat image
vanislander: Emoticon emoticon-31 - glad it jogged your memory Al - nice to see Alaru is now streaming
AussieAl: I wasn't aware that I was off line until I just saw Van's photo of her computer screen. Emoticon emoticon-14
KimmyRoo: bbs have to take car to detailers
KimmyRoo: NAWWW their lovely
vanislander: Looked outside and see that the late camellias are in bloom though Chat image
vanislander: Poor little flower looks a bit sad Emoticon emoticon-18
vanislander: Last of the dahlias - just now Emoticon emoticon-53
vanislander: You still here, Kimmy?
KimmyRoo: sound back on my cams
AussieAl: G’day Van.Emoticon emoticon-60
vanislander: Missed Lynn - G'day Al
vanislander: ooops - sorry was distracted by phone call
AussieAl: Hooroo Lynn
KimmyRoo: good night Lynn xx
Lynn: Going now. Bye Al, Kim and vanislander Emoticon emoticon-10
AussieAl: Typical night for me.
AussieAl: On and off, Kim.
KimmyRoo: did you sleep well?
Lynn: Hi Al Emoticon emoticon-53
KimmyRoo: Good Morning sunshine
KimmyRoo: I'm listening to the Beatles while working .....Hey Jude....dododododod
AussieAl: (Yawn). G’day Lynn, Kim, Van. Emoticon emoticon-60
AussieAl: That’s a nasty rumour, Kim, I’ve been awake for minutes. Emoticon emoticon-62
Lynn: You woke him up KimEmoticon emoticon-62
AussieAl: Zzzz... whaa? what?
KimmyRoo: Als still asleep
KimmyRoo: can we have a photo Vanis of your flowers
KimmyRoo: yes it is
Lynn: Big enough to bath in
KimmyRoo: water for the birds over summer
KimmyRoo: that was a gift from Michelle one of my lovely employees
Lynn: Emoticon emoticon-62
Lynn: Like the shell shaped bowl at Kim's
KimmyRoo: wow sun.... ummm sorry Lynn heheh I've been hogging it
vanislander: My husband picked the last of our dahlias yesterday and put one in a vase by my computer Emoticon emoticon-53
Lynn: WE actually had some sun today Emoticon emoticon-56
vanislander: Frost takes care of the flowering plants though ...
vanislander: There is new snow on our mountain and it is a lovely sunny day here - after a miserable wet and foggy day yesterday
Lynn: Don't mind frosts, they go quick
vanislander: We didn't have frost - had some near freezing a few weeks back, very early
KimmyRoo: Lynn I don't miss frosts
KimmyRoo: no I haven't....mmm what time would it be in Dover
vanislander: Heard from Rick - he said it was first frost Emoticon emoticon-18
Lynn: Yes. WE had a frost
vanislander: Lovely views, Kim. Thanks ♥
KimmyRoo: it's actually cold here this morning
KimmyRoo: hope those views are ok
vanislander: Was it freezing there this morning, Lynn?
KimmyRoo: Emoticon emoticon-61 yup
KimmyRoo: good to see you both...... good here though a full day of work again
vanislander: Maggie is being a pig - mouthful of meat and still looking for something else
KimmyRoo: hey Vanis
Lynn: Hi vanislander Emoticon emoticon-53
Lynn: OK and you?
vanislander: Hi Lynn
KimmyRoo: Hey there are you
vanislander: G'day Kim - just came here and saw you sweeping Emoticon emoticon-53
Lynn: Hi Kim Emoticon emoticon-53
Lynn: Bye Bruce Emoticon emoticon-19
Bruce: hoo roo
Bruce: BBL
Bruce: back
Bruce: brb seed time


First Week! A quick update on where we are.

By Rick | September 22, 2019 |
Posted in

The new site has been up and running for a little over a week. Many tweaks have been made since, there are probably many more to be made in the coming weeks. The following are a few recent tweaks and changes made to the experience. The fourth cam is now embedded on the site. The chat order is now reversed to be like our old chat. The input and latest message is at the top rather than bottom. The chat now has a private message functionality. The chat now shows user avatars. The chat now has a private message functionality. Main top menu order has been changed. Donor rank is now enabled. Log in issues are (hopefully) corrected for the members who had problems. There has been a lot of feedback to help with getting things right. It has been much appreciated. Currently we are working on optimization of site…

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New Name, New Look, Same Friends and Community.

By Rick | September 15, 2019 |
Posted in

It has been a long time since we started as Backyard Galah Cam back in 2010. We have made many friends and seen people come and go, some people who have passed away are dearly missed but are remembered in our hearts, as ever. We realised last year that it was time for the next chapter to our story and that was to create something fresh and exciting, but due to life taking hold we weren’t able to get to work on it. We decided that having a new name which better fits what we are was the way to go, the reason being that we have multiple cams in different locations and the name relating to only Galahs was not entirely fitting. If people are looking for wildlife webcams in Australia, “Australian Bird Cams” would be better for this. The new site is a work in progress, we have…

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