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RB2sMom: Memories from past cams Chat image
RB2sMom: Awful news Bruce, it seems most companies don't know what "customer service" means anymore. The squeaky wheel gets the grease...keep after them till they fix it. I remember when they thought it was my modem, and it turned out to be a node on a pole in the street. Another time it turned out to be wet wiring which they replaced. OK now
KimmyRoo: how frustrating
Bruce: so we wait till the new 1 arrives and still doesn't work Emoticon emoticon-18
Bruce: my current 1 is ok but they reckon its no good
Bruce: we are getting a new modem wont be here for 3 days
KimmyRoo: and more seed bellsa
KimmyRoo: I have some good maggie food to put out tomorrow
KimmyRoo: If theres anyway I can help bruce just let me know...Happy to beat them up
Bruce: wont be able to stream for a couple of days now until my net get fixed
Rick: Good Night! Emoticon emoticon-15
vanislander: I'm off to bed, Rick - g'night
vanislander: Yes I read that - very short-lived
Rick: wow it says their lifespan average is 2yrs with some living to 5yrs
vanislander: Many wouldn't agree - they are seen by many as destructive pests
vanislander: Must be Emoticon emoticon-18
Rick: I think your raccoons are a worthy replacement there Emoticon emoticon-31
Rick: habitat loss I guess
vanislander: We don't have them in N America - just porcupines
Rick: More recent estimates put them at less than a million Emoticon emoticon-18
vanislander: I remember seeing them occasionally when I lived in England
Rick: They are perhaps doing better on the european mainland if Recke is anything to go by Emoticon emoticon-44
vanislander: German 'mecki' dolls Emoticon emoticon-15
Rick: I don't think they are doing too well in the UK, estimates put it at over 30 million in the 1950's but in 2011 they estimated 1.5 million
vanislander: awwww hedgehogs are so cute
Rick: I don't think I could outdo the two-doors-down neighbour and their chimney, no idea what they burn but it stinks worse than any fire I've smelt Emoticon emoticon-62
vanislander: Light a smoky, smelly fire in the garden
Rick: Great clip from Recke
Rick: He's quite deaf so it'd be difficult Emoticon emoticon-62
vanislander: Will you get even?
Rick: Wouldn't mind living in a detached house Emoticon emoticon-62
Rick: He did the same for most of yesterday Emoticon emoticon-62
vanislander: grrrr That's pretty inconsiderate
Rick: Well I was woken up at 7:30 ish by next door banging something with a hammer...
vanislander: Gosh Ricky! You're an early bird!
Rick: Emoticon emoticon-60
vanislander: King Parrots at Nowra again Chat image
AussieAl: The hare and the tortoise?
vanislander: I'm more cautious Emoticon emoticon-62
AussieAl: As will you.
vanislander: Yes - you'll race through it Emoticon emoticon-49
AussieAl: Yes, the pencil needs sharpening here, Emoticon emoticon-62.
AussieAl: Oh well. 1* tomorrow.
vanislander: I used the pencil a lot - knew it would slow me down
vanislander: It started out easily - I felt confident ...
AussieAl: I kept on running into dead ends. Emoticon emoticon-11
vanislander: Emoticon emoticon-62 I really didn't earn it!
AussieAl: Naaah. Emoticon emoticon-36 —> Van.
vanislander: Took me 19:15
vanislander: Well - I took less time - but I did use the 'check' to confirm a choice. I was very frustrated - so it's a stalemate
AussieAl: Congratulations Van. I took exactly 32 minutes. Emoticon emoticon-21
RB2sMom: My galahs are here
Bruce: 2
Bruce: Kooka
Bruce: seed time
Bruce: for me
Bruce: not sure weren't out there today waiting
Bruce: yes bossy boots
RB2sMom: Where are the kookas?
RB2sMom: Lapwing here
Bruce: yep it's changing fast now
RB2sMom: I am in survival mode, have been in a lot of pain
RB2sMom: Getting light earlier now, need to get here sooner rather than later Emoticon emoticon-33
Bruce: hi RB, hows are you going?
RB2sMom: G'day all Emoticon emoticon-59
Bruce: no Kookas there yet this morning
Bruce: kooka time
Bruce: hooroo lucky you
AussieAl: I’m going to catch another forty winks. Bbl.
Bruce: ohjh maybee Emoticon emoticon-31
AussieAl: You could have waited a little longer now.
Bruce: I burnt through 12 GiG yesterday is why I'm going to turn off and back on later
Bruce: in the exchange
Bruce: NBN's hardware
AussieAl: Let’s hope so.
Bruce: it's NBN's error
Bruce: TPG will do what they can today I hope
Bruce: no mate hopeless all weekend
AussieAl: So, the NBN is no better?
Bruce: I'll switch off at lunch time then back about 3PM to catch the afternoon feed
AussieAl: I needed to get up for a minute, so I turned my cam on.
Bruce: G'Day Al Emoticon emoticon-53
Bruce: it'll go on wireless until I turn it off to save data
vanislander: Gosh - somebody woke Al up - Good morning, Al Emoticon emoticon-15
AussieAl: ‘morning Van, Bruce. Fingers crossed for your cam today, Bruce.
Bruce: daylight just starting Emoticon emoticon-53
Bruce: hi Van Emoticon emoticon-53
vanislander: Emoticon emoticon-66 Bruce
Bruce: turning cam on now
RB2sMom: Galah couple that greets Bruce on BruceCam Chat image
RB2sMom: ????????? Emoticon emoticon-44
vanislander: jump to the heater?
khynan: so my dad TRIED to jump but he to short Emoticon emoticon-18
khynan: i hads to go out ther at 9 pm last5 nigth cause kim left the heater on
AussieAl: I've scrolled back on NowraCam about eight hours, ant there are eight or nine magpies warbling away.away.
vanislander: We love those KPs ♥
AussieAl: Good catch of the KPs, Van.
vanislander: What an interesting stroll, Al. Thanks for sharing!
vanislander: It was an adult KP and juvenile
vanislander: King Parrots on Nowra cam
vanislander: That turkey should partner up with our squirrels - they do a lot of digging in our garden
vanislander: Ouch! Sounds painful Emoticon emoticon-45
AussieAl: That darn cockie just bit off one of my succulents!
AussieAl: Yep. Emoticon emoticon-36
vanislander: Well I guess you'll be hanging on to the crown! Emoticon emoticon-61
AussieAl: I always do the previous day, to be in synch with you.
AussieAl: It was Saturday’s that I did just now.
AussieAl: I think I follow all that, Van, Emoticon emoticon-62.
vanislander: Sometimes the next day's is already there and I didn't realize it - so my time was 13:11 - I never did Friday's Must be really confusing for you, being a day ahead Emoticon emoticon-38
vanislander: Grrrr - really messed up Al - when I went to do today's it had been done Emoticon emoticon-18
AussieAl: Yep, khynan. We’re with TPG.
khynan: u got wifi?
khynan: nice
khynan: still no wifi "(
khynan: telstra out
AussieAl: Our magnolia is starting to flower: Chat image
RB2sMom: Yes, Rick, I remember growing up in those hot Oklahoma summers with no AC when I was younger. It was so hot that we would wet the sheets and our hair and turn a fan on us at night to sleep
RB2sMom: G'day all Emoticon emoticon-59
Rick: Okay Bruce, take care
Bruce: gotta go mate Joy's calling me hooroo
Bruce: i summer that is
Bruce: that would be normal for us
Rick: This house roasts in summer
Rick: it was 26c downstairs last night and something over 30 upstairs, sleeping was uncomfortable Emoticon emoticon-62
Bruce: yep I wish
Rick: just weird how it went so hot for one day Emoticon emoticon-62
Rick: I think it was a little cooler where I'm at but it was still 35 ish
Bruce: 39 ??? warm for you mate
Rick: Emoticon emoticon-44
Rick: Chat image
Bruce: yep we don't have true competition here
Bruce: so not even close
Bruce: I'm supposed to have 50 down and 20 up Emoticon emoticon-62
Rick: The NBN rates that they charge ISP's for capacity are quite high compared to other countries too
Bruce: for sure
Rick: They should, They get away with far too much down there.
Bruce: wish that happened here
Rick: They changed rules here that if internet is unusuable for more than 48hrs after you tell the ISP of a problem they have to give you £8 for each day it's not fixed
Bruce: i've got about 20Mbs down and 0.50 upload at the moment so it will keep dropping out on the NBN
Bruce: np
Bruce: $30 for 30 gig
Bruce: it's only for a couple of days hopefully
Rick: That sounds expensive Bruce Emoticon emoticon-18
Bruce: seed time Emoticon emoticon-53
Bruce: only 2 today seems the babys have left
Bruce: Kooka time
Bruce: using the phone network Emoticon emoticon-62
Bruce: I'm back had to buy mobile broadband to be able to stream Emoticon emoticon-18
RB2sMom: Very early morning at the original place Chat image
RB2sMom: Rick, we had something similar here, the Thunderbirds and Blue Angles did loops around our hospitals as well as some precision paratroopers.
Rick: I just watched a spitfire fly a loop around my area. Amazing sound those old planes make. They are doing a big loop around hospitals in the south east of England, the plane has been painted Blue with "THANK U NHS" across the underside of the wings and then the names of 80,000 nominated names all over it, though I don't think they have completed hand writing them all yet
Rick: it seems that they slide it along so it probably does need something to hold it. Emoticon emoticon-15
Rick: screen recording of when it happened Emoticon emoticon-62
Rick: Chat image
khynan: it attack me
vanislander: huh? Emoticon emoticon-44
khynan: my day was great Emoticon emoticon-53
khynan: then i got attack by a magpie
khynan: screw
khynan: ik
AussieAl: I noticed earlier that the tray was missing, Khynan. You might need some Blu-Tac, Emoticon emoticon-62.
khynan: cave them fresh seed and put the tray back up cuase those maggies keep knocking it down
khynan: been to check on nowra cam
vanislander: I've known bad ones in Alberta when we lived there - also loud ones with lots of lightning in England (my mum hid in cupboard under the stairs)! Emoticon emoticon-56
vanislander: Very unusual - we usually have very minor ones - few rumbles & not often fork lightning
AussieAl: Are thunderstorms unusual there?
vanislander: Just glad that no wildfires started
vanislander: No - I had a headache - took a pill & tried to get back to sleep, but it was very noisy and right overhead for much of the time Emoticon emoticon-18
AussieAl: Nice one. Did you hide under the bed? Emoticon emoticon-62
vanislander: We had a nasty thunder/lightning storm here from around 3 am for a couple of hours. The worst we've ever experienced since living here
vanislander: 13:11 so you get your crown back Emoticon emoticon-26
vanislander: In fact, read your time in reverse!
vanislander: Emoticon emoticon-31 - I have the same numbers in my time - but different order!
Bruce: running about 1/2 download speed and .5 Mbs up no wonder I can't stream
Bruce: sure is Kimmy been onto TPG no change
khynan: hi
KimmyRoo: That’s frustrating Bruce
Bruce: I've turned off hard Emoticon emoticon-18
Bruce: hooroo me to
RB2sMom: Hooroo for now Emoticon emoticon-59
RB2sMom: Need to get back to some chores
RB2sMom: Galah chasings
Bruce: yep
RB2sMom: Good for screeenshots
Bruce: at least you can get a good still Emoticon emoticon-62
RB2sMom: Galahs are here
Bruce: exactly
RB2sMom: Usually things improve with more providers, but I guess if they are all bad, hard to choose Emoticon emoticon-20
Bruce: seed time
Bruce: we have lots of providers but only the same c**p
RB2sMom: Yes, you need competition like they have here, when several other companies moved in, the service improved and the prices lowered
Bruce: more phone calls today
Bruce: Dang NBN not fit for purpose
RB2sMom: Yes, offline again
Bruce: yes i'm struggling to even stream
RB2sMom: Yes, I see, baby sea eagles on cam right now
Bruce: no kookas and it's raining
RB2sMom: Had to refresh to get the cam, yes buffering still
Bruce: nearly Kooka time brb
Bruce: cat 1 is not so bad.....but
RB2sMom: Yes Terri is really in the path, should be a Cat 1 then
Bruce: ohh dear stay safe RB and terri
RB2sMom: Hurricane time here again....Chat image
Bruce: it's the NBN playing up
Bruce: I just lowered the speed and resolution it may help with buffering
RB2sMom: Yikes, what is going on?
Bruce: so the cam wont stream
Bruce: I have no upload speed today Emoticon emoticon-18
Bruce: hi RB Emoticon emoticon-53
RB2sMom: G'day Emoticon emoticon-59
Bruce: grrrrr network dropouts again
RB2sMom: Memory from past cams Chat image
vanislander: Emoticon emoticon-19 hooroo
AussieAl: Bbl, Van. Hooroo for now.
vanislander: Same thing
AussieAl: Whoops, spawn. Emoticon emoticon-61 Emoticon emoticon-61
vanislander: No trace of oyster spawn - water was very clear
AussieAl: Has the oyster sperm all gone?
AussieAl: Sounds wonderful.
vanislander: Had a lovely swim this afternoon - conditions were perfect - water deep and warm-ish and lovely warm summer day