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RB2sMom: Memory of yesteryear Chat image
RB2sMom: Galahs in other places Chat image
RB2sMom: Thinking of all of you down under with these awful fires, hoping for rain or at least containment of the fires.... Emoticon emoticon-27
RB2sMom: Lynn, nice memory, I would like to get one of those "fake" galahs here for Hannah and Harry Emoticon emoticon-59
Lynn: One of my pictures of BYGC. Ahh memories Emoticon emoticon-53 Chat image
vanislander: There's video - amazing!
AussieAl: The Southerly change is coming through now, Bruce. Hooroo.
AussieAl: Thanks Van.
vanislander: Have a safe night - both of you - thinking of you !
AussieAl: Hooroo Van, Bruce.
vanislander: OK Bruce. Take care hooroo
AussieAl: Yes, me too, Bruce.
Bruce: hoo roo
Bruce: gotta go get dinner ready Emoticon emoticon-53
AussieAl: Sunset is early here. The sun sets over our western escarpment.
vanislander: Well the rock has survived!
vanislander: Oh it's getting late - sunset happens quickly there - very short twilight then dark
vanislander: Says it's similar to the spotted dove which is around too
AussieAl: Its very still here now. The change might be close.
Bruce: sunset is very Orange
Bruce: me either
vanislander: I thought so, but colours are clearer somehow - don't think I've seen one at Al's before
Bruce: there's 1 now drinking
Bruce: a Bar shouldered dove Van you see them here every day
vanislander: Very colourful
vanislander: What is the dove on yr cam Al?
AussieAl: That boy is not much older than our older grandson.
Bruce: Thats so true Van
vanislander: What about smokers? I worry about them starting fires carelessly here when we have those conditions
AussieAl: Exactly, Van, and only nine years old.
vanislander: That's scary though
AussieAl: I hope so.
Bruce: wow they got him quick which is great his parents will have something to say I bet
Bruce: geez
AussieAl: Nowra.
AussieAl: Joh heard on the local radio that a nine year old boy was caught trying to light a fire with a blowtorch.
Bruce: Joys son was just on the phone from Sydney says its ok so far
Bruce: k
AussieAl: It’s predicted here for about 6 pm.
Bruce: it's a long way from here which is good at this stage
Bruce: so you havn't got the change yet?
AussieAl: We’re going to get a cooler wind change soon. Not sure what that will bring, more dust, or smoke from fires down South?
AussieAl: As you know, your local ABC radio station will keep you up to date.
Bruce: brb
Bruce: watching and waiting
Bruce: all good here
AussieAl: Crikey, Bruce.
Bruce: just been told Woodburn road is cut off Emoticon emoticon-18
AussieAl: Yep.
vanislander: Dust? Blown by the wind?
AussieAl: Now we have dust, lots of it!
vanislander: hooroo Emoticon emoticon-19
Bruce: hoo roo
Bruce: gotta have 1 Emoticon emoticon-62
vanislander: That sounds like a plan
Bruce: be fine
Bruce: so a good spot
vanislander: Mind how you go Bruce - I'll be thinking of you
Bruce: willbe OK will go to Keiths if need be
vanislander: Are you prepared to evacuate if needbe? It will be tough for Joy
Bruce: gotta go take Joy to doc's hoo roo
Bruce: we will be ok
Bruce: thats at new Italy so still some way away
vanislander: Oh Bruce - that is not good - how will you manage?
Bruce: don't feel like swimming today yet
Bruce: we ay least have a beach and the ocean Emoticon emoticon-62
Bruce: our area is told to prepare to take shelter
Bruce: heading here Chat image
vanislander: Thinking of you - be safe! Emoticon emoticon-19
AussieAl: Bbl, Van. I’ll give the budgies a spray, then I need to pop to the shops.
AussieAl: No, It’s east of us, and the wind will be blowing it away from us.
vanislander: In the air, I mean - breathing can be difficult
AussieAl: The Hooka Creek road blaze is back on the app.
vanislander: Is the smoke noticeable?
vanislander: So sad - hope some wollemi pines are left
AussieAl: I heard on the radio yesterday, that a lot of people up there have moved away from the area, just in case.
vanislander: When we stayrd nr katoomba a member of the family we were with - a young woman - was a fire fighter
AussieAl: Yes, they’re beautiful, but very fire prone.
vanislander: Blue mtns taking a hit again Emoticon emoticon-18
AussieAl: It’s gone off the app, so it musr be under control already.
vanislander: Well they're onto it right away - hope it's easily controlled
AussieAl: That siren would have been from the highway.
AussieAl: The fire app says there is a fire 3 km away.
vanislander: I see it's windy - was hoping that part of the forecast was wrong Emoticon emoticon-18
AussieAl: I’ll give them a mist soon.
vanislander: Birds are taking a siesta - poor things
vanislander: Please be safe ...
AussieAl: We can’t see any smoke.
AussieAl: Yes, I can hear it on the cam. It sounds like a fire truck.
vanislander: I hear an alarm?
vanislander: Emoticon emoticon-28 Emoticon emoticon-38 way too hot - that was expected to make the fire situation worse, I believe - said so on the news I watched yesterday
AussieAl: 42 degrees on our back deck at the moment.
vanislander: Close ... it was such an easy one too