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vanislander: Self isolation is having the opposite effect here Emoticon emoticon-49
AussieAl: We considered going back outside and putting on a better show, but this site is G-rated. Emoticon emoticon-62
vanislander: It was lovely - must've been my mention of hearts ...
AussieAl: Is nothing sacred, Van? Emoticon emoticon-61
KimmyRoo: just finished mine and continuing invoicing Emoticon emoticon-62
vanislander: I just saw Al hugging his garden helper Emoticon emoticon-53
vanislander: I'm trying the jigaw kim's doing ... Emoticon emoticon-49
vanislander: hooroo
vanislander: Please don't! Emoticon emoticon-53
AussieAl: Bbl, Van. I'm feeling guilty. Emoticon emoticon-62.
AussieAl: It's a great idea.
vanislander: People are also posting big hearts on windows and doors ♥
AussieAl: I bet it does! Emoticon emoticon-62
vanislander: The neighbourhood gets very noisy Emoticon emoticon-62
vanislander: We are doing the noise thing at 7 pm to honour the medical workers
AussieAl: G'day, hooroo, Kim.
KimmyRoo: hey al hehehe
KimmyRoo: bbl going to keep invoicing Emoticon emoticon-19
vanislander: I got the gardener to blow his trumpet - loud - while I bashed a big pan - at 7 pm!
AussieAl: Now I'm hot from standing in the sun.
vanislander: I know the feeling!
AussieAl: It's hard to get reliable workers.
AussieAl: I just had to supervise Joh working in the yard.
KimmyRoo: she would love this chat
vanislander: I've known Pauline for almost 30 years
vanislander: She will love that I shared it with Aussie friends - she travelled a lot not so long ago loved Australia - had good friends there that I've met at a couple of her big parties
KimmyRoo: in between invoicing
KimmyRoo: the boat
KimmyRoo: im doing one now
vanislander: the jigsaw site looks interesting!
KimmyRoo: what an awesome smile and oMG she doesnt look 90
vanislander: She was radiant - and overcome - was a surprise for her
KimmyRoo: Im so pleased the celebration was altered'to suit the current conditions
vanislander: Emoticon emoticon-53 It was so much fun - the neighbourhood really came together but kept distance
KimmyRoo: Love it!!!!
vanislander: 2 days ago Emoticon emoticon-53
KimmyRoo: no going to look now
vanislander: Way down in the scroll ...
vanislander: Did you see the pic I posted of us holding a banner?
KimmyRoo: thats so exciting
vanislander: Yes - at end of our driveway - neighbour had 90th birthday parade down the street in a 1930 model T - in lieu of a party - because of social isolating
KimmyRoo: is that you in red
vanislander: I found it on line and took that screenshot Emoticon emoticon-62
vanislander: I was watching late tv news last night - and was startled when I saw myself in the local news section Emoticon emoticon-53
AussieAl: 7:40 with sounds, Emoticon emoticon-62.
vanislander: Nice when they confirm you made the right choice - beats eeny meeny miny mo Emoticon emoticon-15
vanislander: took me 22:43 - sound cues helped twice Emoticon emoticon-53
AussieAl: I’ve lost my skills, Van, Emoticon emoticon-62. Half an hour plus, and continual contradictions. I might have to start using sounds.
vanislander: Hello ABC!
KimmyRoo: I wont be feeding the birds till tomorrow morning on Cams Goulburn and Goulburn 2
KimmyRoo: Welcome Frozen Twinkie Emoticon emoticon-49
Frozen_Twinkie: Yay the stream is working again! I love watching the lorikeets.
AussieAl: OK, RB. Hooroo.
RB2sMom: Hooroo
RB2sMom: Need to go pay attention to Hannah and Harry, and of course it is beer o'clock Emoticon emoticon-9
RB2sMom: Yes, that time of the year for you, warming up here with lots of pollen
AussieAl: Nice morning so far, RB, but a lot cooler.
AussieAl: You were in Australia, FT? You should have popped in.
RB2sMom: G'day Al, looks like your storms are over
AussieAl: G’day RB, FT. Emoticon emoticon-60
RB2sMom: Plus, most parrots can not be brought into another country anymore.
Frozen_Twinkie: But right now, things are really fluid, so it wouldn't be fair to the bird every time we move. We've decided we are going to rescue senior cats for now Emoticon emoticon-53

That would be fun.
RB2sMom: And then you can have a cam on the ABC with the others!
Frozen_Twinkie: I would love to rescue a grey when we figure out where we want to live long term. I keep telling my husband we should move to Australia so we can have a porch feeder for cockatoos!
RB2sMom: I am retired, and we have 2 galahs and a turtle rescue with over 100 turtles and tortoises, lizards, etc.
RB2sMom: Sounds like a good choice
Frozen_Twinkie: I don't currently have birds. I wish, but our life is too crazy and we travel, so I try to volunteer for rescues and sanctuaries, and a bird-sit for locals.
RB2sMom: Do you have any birds at home, I have 2 galahs.
RB2sMom: My sister in Oklahoma thinks she had it but it took them 2 weeks to test her and another 2 weeks to get the results....she tested negative, but they still think she had it but did not get tested soon enough. She will be tested again when the antibody test is available to see if she has immunity.
Frozen_Twinkie: I am too! Emoticon emoticon-53
Frozen_Twinkie: They weren't able to test me because we don't have enough tests, and there wasn't a point after the onset, since I was able to stay home, and had already been social distancing the week prior.
RB2sMom: Glad you are OK now Emoticon emoticon-53
Frozen_Twinkie: Ah! I see. didn't realize there were two different kinds. I'm more familiar with the Umbrellas, SC, and Mollucan, as that's what people commonly have as pets around here.

They suspect so, I'm really young and healthy, so while I had to get some meds for wheezing, I was able to stay home an weather it out. It's the sickest I've been in awhile.
RB2sMom: So, you had the Corona virus?
RB2sMom: Click on the bird identifier at the top to see the longbilled and little corellas
RB2sMom: long billed on the ground also
RB2sMom: Yes, see how different the long billed looks with the colors on its face and the large beak compared to the little corella on the ground
Frozen_Twinkie: Is that the one in the dish? They are so beautiful.
Frozen_Twinkie: We were in Australia over Christmas and we got to see so many birds!
Frozen_Twinkie: We are in Anchorage. I was sick for a good 2.5 weeks before we did a shelter in place. So we've been home close to 4-5 weeks now.

Finally feeling better, and glad we have the privilege to quarantine while working form home.
RB2sMom: Twinkie notice the long billed corella on the cam lower left, in the swinging feeder
RB2sMom: I am in Atlanta suburbs area, not quarantined , but under law to shelter in place, 3rd week of this Emoticon emoticon-18
RB2sMom: Hi Twinkie, where in Alaska?
Frozen_Twinkie: Hi All! Love being able to watch the birds while on quarantine in Alaska!
Bruce: G'day RB yes all here Emoticon emoticon-62
RB2sMom: G'day Bruce, I see my galahs have arrived en force Emoticon emoticon-59
Bruce: 5 Kookas today
Bruce: my camera's exposure settings is not behaving well
Bruce: clocks changed overnight Emoticon emoticon-62
Bruce: time here is now 05:39
RB2sMom: Early morning coffee memories from the old place Chat image
vanislander: g'night Bruce Emoticon emoticon-46
Bruce: Ohh it's 6 ocklock here Id better go get dinner going hoo roo cya tomorrow morning
vanislander: Yes - but the last couple of items are meant to raise spirits, It's now midnight
Bruce: ll doom and gloom Van
Bruce: k
vanislander: sound muted - I'm watching late tv news Emoticon emoticon-53
Bruce: its eaining turn your sound up Emoticon emoticon-53
vanislander: Looking quite dark
vanislander: Just saw them - not their usual time - is that rain or mist?
Bruce: ajj 5 Kookas were just there Emoticon emoticon-53
vanislander: We had Emoticon emoticon-52 Emoticon emoticon-15
vanislander: Sorry Al - I was helped by sounds that confirmed correct guess Emoticon emoticon-45
AussieAl: Excellent, Van. After half an hour, I gave up, kept getting contradictions.
vanislander: 11:39 Al
vanislander: Hooroo Emoticon emoticon-19
vanislander: But I use a lot for coffee and tea too Emoticon emoticon-49
vanislander: I do drink water - twice a day
AussieAl: Hooroo Van.
AussieAl: Why don’t you drink a lot of water?
vanislander: Later, Al
vanislander: Emoticon emoticon-10 RB - laundry calling - wants me to fold things, i guess
AussieAl: Hooroo RB.
RB2sMom: Hooroo, chores to do, stay safe all Emoticon emoticon-10
vanislander: Though many people on the street don't drink a lot of water - especially these days Emoticon emoticon-15
vanislander: She has always looked young - I've known her for almost 30 years and she hasn't aged - and she's a cancer survivor too. Maybe it's the water here?
AussieAl: I know somebody who will use it before me, Emoticon emoticon-62.
vanislander: Well - stand on your head!
AussieAl: I’m already over 60, Van.
vanislander: I think I'll save the banner I improvised for your birthday, Al! Emoticon emoticon-53
AussieAl: She looks good for 90.
vanislander: Yes! But she used both hands Emoticon emoticon-53
AussieAl: I enjoyed how the birthday girl was giving the ‘royal wave’.
AussieAl: Good thing the newspaper photographer didn’t see you, Emoticon emoticon-62.
vanislander: It's a wet and windy morning - is that the opposite to "It was a dark and stormy night ...." ???
vanislander: Yesterday while I waited down on the street for the 'birthday parade' to pass I thought I'd get blown away - my hair was a disaster! Emoticon emoticon-61
AussieAl: Emoticon emoticon-62 RB. Emoticon emoticon-60
vanislander: You're getting the weather we've been having - but a bit warmer
RB2sMom: Hi Al, your finches are going to get air sick
AussieAl: Emoticon emoticon-60 It’s a wet and windy morning, Van.
vanislander: The forecast says rain and storm imminent for Al
vanislander: Looks pretty windy there, at Al's - and kim's cam looks misty like they had rain. Cam has been adjusted by some critter - we can no longer see the exhausted 'roo on the lid Emoticon emoticon-49
RB2sMom: storm at AlCam
vanislander: Mine hasn't called me yet - but it will soon Emoticon emoticon-53
RB2sMom: Going to check on my laundry
vanislander: All the best Bruce - have a good day. Love to Joy ♥ hooroo
RB2sMom: Hooroo Emoticon emoticon-10
Bruce: BBL hooroo
vanislander: If I make it to 90 I'd like to be as young-looking, and young at heart. Emoticon emoticon-53
RB2sMom: Yes, just viewed it, what a delightful lady, how very thoughtful
vanislander: galahs galore - thanks Bruce ♥
Bruce: yes that link worked Van Emoticon emoticon-53
vanislander: She would love to think I posted it for my Aussie friends - she was a great traveller and loved Australia. She had good friends in Bundaberg that I met here
Bruce: seed time
vanislander: Hope you can see that - I never know if these things are readable outside of country
Bruce: yes was great ehh
vanislander: Glad you liked my little happy story - today it made our local newspaper - some nice pics and video
Bruce: Emoticon emoticon-31 isin't that fun
RB2sMom: Oh great all 3 of us can do laundry together
RB2sMom: Getting the pollen off
Bruce: did mine yesterday Towels today Emoticon emoticon-62
vanislander: Good - we'll have clean clothes together Emoticon emoticon-61
Bruce: G'Day Van Emoticon emoticon-53
RB2sMom: I am doing laundry too
vanislander: Hi Bruce & RB - heard the clicks from the laundry room Emoticon emoticon-15
Bruce: yep Emoticon emoticon-53 I'll put seed out shortly
RB2sMom: and my galahs Emoticon emoticon-59 Emoticon emoticon-59
Bruce: and there's no 5
Bruce: G'Day RB Emoticon emoticon-53
Bruce: 4 Kookas today Emoticon emoticon-53
RB2sMom: G'day Bruce, Kim, and Van Emoticon emoticon-59
Bruce: Kooka time Emoticon emoticon-53
RB2sMom: Early morning coffee memories, Eastern Rosellas from BruceCam Chat image
RB2sMom: Van, nice heart warming story, and a neat car!
RB2sMom: Bruce, glad to hear Joy is doing better.
vanislander: Thanks Al - was hoping he's still around
AussieAl: I saw him earlier, too, Van. It wasn't Mr Stick.
vanislander: Do you still see him around, Al?
vanislander: Saw a bowerbird on Alcam - the earlier one took a bath but pic wasn't quite clear or close enough to see if it was mr. stick
vanislander: 11:31 Al Emoticon emoticon-26
AussieAl: 8:02 Van.
vanislander: Just realized she was the same age as the car! Emoticon emoticon-15 Chat image
Bruce: hoo roo
vanislander: hooroo
Bruce: no the Gardiner Emoticon emoticon-62
vanislander: Gotta go - dinner's burning - just wanted to tell a happy story
Bruce: nice neighbour hood ehh
vanislander: You mean when I turn 90?
vanislander: She lives alone - but has many many friends on the street
Bruce: you will be able to use it again Emoticon emoticon-62
vanislander: She was radiant - made the most of difficult circumstances. I made her a birthday card from the photos we took. She loved them Emoticon emoticon-53
Bruce: ohh looks great to
Bruce: Emoticon emoticon-31 good work Emoticon emoticon-62
vanislander: I was desperate to find a banner to hold up for the drive-by - so remembered I had one from gardener's 60th - so I cut out the 6 and turned it upside down.
Bruce: wow cool
vanislander: One of our neighbours turned 90 today and had to cancel her plans for a big birthday gathering with neighbours and friends. But we learned that she would be driven down the street by someone in a 1930 Model T and we could all get to the end of our drives and wave to her as she was driven by (she didn't know about any of this)
Bruce: still very lethargic but ok
Bruce: seems good now
vanislander: I have a lovely uplifting story to tell - if you have timeEmoticon emoticon-53
vanislander: Thanks for that news, Bruce. Hoping that she does OK now
Bruce: she is much better when she's up and about
Bruce: Hi Van, the doc and ambos said she is ok and to just monitor her
vanislander: Hello ABC - I've had a busy day so haven't had much time to look at favourite site - hope all is well. Bruce, I read back and hope that Joy is now getting some help?
khynan: hello
khynan: morning i sleeped in c**p
RB2sMom: Hooroo from me for now also, scanning some pics into the computer for my husband's auntie in Norway
RB2sMom: OK, C U later Emoticon emoticon-3
Bruce: cya
Bruce: ok gotta go
Bruce: all changes for me now I think
RB2sMom: We saw the whole zoo? Do you mean go further where the zoo was?
RB2sMom: Nice views of Sydney also from the zoo
Bruce: yep did you go further than the zoo
RB2sMom: Nice ride on the ferry over to the zoo from Sydney harbour
Bruce: ohh a great Zoo been there a few times
RB2sMom: We were there in 1986, and very impressed with it
RB2sMom: On another subject, there is a new program here called "Secrets of the zoo down under" about the Taronga zoo
Bruce: it's interesting watching the interactions
RB2sMom: Young galahs being put in their place by older ones
RB2sMom: That is right, I keep forgetting, we have to jump through insurance hoops here
Bruce: they do
Bruce: Emoticon emoticon-62 sometimes
RB2sMom: I just saw a galah stand up to a lorie and win
Bruce: no insurance for us all free
RB2sMom: It might reassure her to know she has the O2 for when she cannot breathe, as it is a scary thing to not be able to get a breath
RB2sMom: You should get it, especially if your insurance or health laws would pay for it
Bruce: easily
Bruce: she should qualify
RB2sMom: Yes, you should, I think the O2 would help, especially the fact that she has had a heart condition which could also help her qualify
Bruce: cool ehh
Bruce: yep
RB2sMom: a gazillion galahs
Bruce: I'm going to have discusion with the oncologist aout 02
RB2sMom: But, you do have your bro and the nurses close by
RB2sMom: That is also helpful, sounds like you have a lot of resources, that has to be comforting
Bruce: but a long way away
Bruce: theatresister runs a surgical theatre
Bruce: 20 minutes
RB2sMom: What is that?
Bruce: and my sister as well she's a theatre sis
RB2sMom: Is he close by?
RB2sMom: I did not know that, certainly helpful to have that in the family
Bruce: yes and then there's my bro hes an RN