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Live Chat

Lynn: Love the live cams on Twitch. Keep getting notifications from them several times a day to say cams are live.
Lynn: Sorry to hear about Bruce Emoticon emoticon-21 Hope he makes a full recovery.
AussieAl: There’s a few sad faces. Emoticon emoticon-21
vanislander: I hope the rest of the harem are behaving well!
vanislander: Emoticon emoticon-61 Al plays cupid!
AussieAl: The happy couple have arrived at the honeymoon suite. The blushing bride went straight into the nest box ( probably thinking it was an escape tunnel, Emoticon emoticon-62).
khynan: bye van
vanislander: Bye for now
vanislander: OK - have to go start prepping dinner - it's late afternoon here
khynan: yup
vanislander: Did you finish that essay yet?
khynan: yup
vanislander: Oh as long as that ... I didn't realize it had been so long
khynan: 3 months i think
vanislander: How long were you off school?
khynan: yup
vanislander: She'll find it odd being in a quiet house - maybe jumping for joy Emoticon emoticon-61
khynan: yeah she will be
vanislander: Is your mum home most of the day? Maybe he will need to see a human face once in a while
khynan: yeah
vanislander: So it won't be quite as hard when you're gone all day
khynan: yup
vanislander: You have a few days to wean him off constant attention ...
vanislander: He imprinted on you!
vanislander: Oh dear - he doesn't know he's a lorikeet
khynan: i found out if i did he would fight for my attention
vanislander: You might have to find him a lady friend Emoticon emoticon-49
khynan: yup
vanislander: Oh - he has become used to having you home
khynan: sort of bobby wont
vanislander: You looking forward to Monday?
khynan: yup
vanislander: Yes - we are all hoping that Bruce makes a good recovery
khynan: yup
vanislander: I keep looking at that boat - but I'm glad it is there - gives us all a chance to appreciate what we have and to think of good, kind friends who don't deserve bad things to happen to them
khynan: my heart sunk last night
khynan: i hope he will be okay
vanislander: That reminder just above chat, of our dear friend Bruce
khynan: whys that?
khynan: hello van how r u
vanislander: Good morning khynan
khynan: good morning all
Rick: Emoticon emoticon-62
vanislander: Lots of chat to catch up with
vanislander: Just back from a massage appointment
Rick: Hey there Van
Rick: I'm not sure what else it could be, sorry. Unless it's after the payment details stage and your bank is blocking it.
Connie: I'll try that
Rick: Perhaps another browser will work?
Connie: I'll keep trying until I succeed.
Rick: I'm not sure what the issue could be, when I did mine it worked fine, accepted my debit card details etc. Emoticon emoticon-44
Connie: yes
Rick: Is that for Bruce's GoFundMe, Connie?
Connie: Hi Rick. I need help getting my donation accepted. Keeps telling me there's an error and to check and retry. I do and the message comes up again. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?
Rick: Thank you!
Rick: Take care RB!
RB2sMom: BTW....nice job with the banner notice above. Emoticon emoticon-71
RB2sMom: Gotta go now, need to go out and water the grass as we had new seed put in. Emoticon emoticon-10
Rick: Sorry, I was afk talking to my mum.
RB2sMom: Yes and served a lot here at halloween.
Rick: Cider is pretty good!
RB2sMom: Then let it ferment into hard cider and party on
Rick: Emoticon emoticon-31
RB2sMom: No, maybe stomp on it and make apple cider
Rick: I don't think that apple would be very palatable to us now Emoticon emoticon-62
Rick: Wow!
RB2sMom: If someone doesn't eat Al's apple, I will
RB2sMom: No time to clean, etc. so had someone hired to do that
RB2sMom: No time to cook then, just eat
RB2sMom: Actually I swam masters on a team (still swim now but do not compete), so went from work to practice and then ate late like about 10pm
Rick: When you get home you just don't want to do a thing.
Rick: Yes that's true, it can be tough, especially for people who also commute to and from work.
RB2sMom: I enjoy it when I have time...when working 8-12 hour days, I did not have time then
Rick: I'd be round there often... too often Emoticon emoticon-62
RB2sMom: Three minutes from my house
Rick: I do enjoy cooking, but casually, I'd hate to do it as a job Emoticon emoticon-62
Rick: Yum!
RB2sMom: I like both of those...they do a chocolate brownie near me with choc chips in it also
Rick: I bought a brownie mix and red velvet cake mix today, I will be doing one of those tomorrow Emoticon emoticon-15
RB2sMom: Me anyways
Rick: Emoticon emoticon-61
RB2sMom: Where Rick....skinnier maybe
RB2sMom: Sugar is not tasted in them, only helps them rise
Rick: Where would we be without it! Emoticon emoticon-31
RB2sMom: Funny how chat always leads back to food discussions Emoticon emoticon-62
Rick: Ah, I wouldn't have thought they had sugar in, so not very savoury then.
RB2sMom: Sounds great to me
RB2sMom: Cheese biscuits are popular too
Rick: My mum keeps asking me to make them, I suppose I will have to do it soon.
RB2sMom: YUM
Rick: I only guess it's like those, but without the cheese.
Rick: Looks like my cheese scones when I make them!
RB2sMom: And honey on biscuits
Rick: those biscuits are like a savoury scone I think?
RB2sMom: I like Strawberry Jam and Orange marmalade the best
RB2sMom: Down in the Southern USA, biscuits and gravy are the things with big pieces of sausage in it
Rick: I like blackcurrent jam.
RB2sMom: Really, and you are in marmalade country
Rick: Citrus on my toast, no thank you Emoticon emoticon-62 especially if it has the peel/rind in it
Rick: I hate marmalade Emoticon emoticon-62
RB2sMom: Also did that in Norway and Sweden, Denmark,
RB2sMom: When in England, I enjoyed all the jams they served at breakfast
RB2sMom: I like biscuits, then English muffins, before toast
Rick: I'm not a huge fan of toast, it's a rare thing for me, but then so is breakfast.
RB2sMom: Hooroo Al
RB2sMom: Toast and Jam for me
RB2sMom: Yes go eat IT before it eats you
AussieAl: Hooroo for now, RB, Rick.
Rick: Enjoy! Emoticon emoticon-8
Rick: Good plan, Al!
Rick: I like strawberry conserve with big lumps of strawberry in it Emoticon emoticon-15
AussieAl: Now you’ve made me hungry, Rick, so I’m up for brekkie.
RB2sMom: or cheese and sausage
RB2sMom: Butter and Jam for me
Rick: but you do two slices like that, then stick them together like a sandwich Emoticon emoticon-62
Rick: Emoticon emoticon-31
AussieAl: That’s not much! Emoticon emoticon-62
RB2sMom: Please do not want to get sick before dinner
Rick: How Al likes his Vegemite on Toast Emoticon emoticon-62
Rick: Chat image
AussieAl: That’s OK then. Good Al.
AussieAl: Go away, Al!!!
RB2sMom: Getting you brekkie
RB2sMom: Yes
AussieAl: Is my twin here again? Emoticon emoticon-28
RB2sMom: Hi Mable, sorry I missed you below
RB2sMom: Hi Kim, Rick, Khynan, Al, and another Al
AussieAl: I wish someone would bring me brekkie in bed, it’s nice and warm here.
AussieAl: Soon, Rick, Emoticon emoticon-62
AussieAl: G’day RB. Emoticon emoticon-60
Rick: Hey there RB
Rick: Time for brekkie, Al?
RB2sMom: G'day allEmoticon emoticon-59
AussieAl: Hooroo
KimmyRoo: seeyas
KimmyRoo: I have been lucky and been out of the house alot
Rick: Take care Kimmy
Rick: Emoticon emoticon-20
KimmyRoo: ok on that not I better move along
AussieAl: Good to get out of the house, Emoticon emoticon-62
KimmyRoo: lauren will drive and I will work on my laptop as we move along
AussieAl: That’s not bad, then.
KimmyRoo: and 13 mins
KimmyRoo: I think an hour?
AussieAl: How long to Batemans Bay, Kim?
Rick: Emoticon emoticon-53
KimmyRoo: thanks for embedding the link
KimmyRoo: yep make the most of it Emoticon emoticon-61
Rick: Makes sense, apparently we were under tropical maritime air, but that's to change as cold air moves down from the north mid-week.
Rick: I was very shocked, it looked cold this morning, walked out and the humidity and warmth hit me Emoticon emoticon-62
Rick: Today felt very mild!
KimmyRoo: thats just like us
Rick: Chat image
Rick: Emoticon emoticon-62
KimmyRoo: thats good at least your not experiencing drought
AussieAl: It’s Spring here, Rick, but you wouldn’t know it, Emoticon emoticon-62
AussieAl: Nice area, around Batemans Bay.
Rick: Plenty of rain in my forecast but it's autumn now so to be expected Emoticon emoticon-62
KimmyRoo: Im off to Batemans Bay this morning then back
AussieAl: I could see it on your cam at one stage.
KimmyRoo: has been most of the night I suspect
AussieAl: G’day Rick.
AussieAl: Raining here now.
KimmyRoo: heya rick
KimmyRoo: expecting loads of rain today
Rick: Morning Kimmy & Al
KimmyRoo: G'day and thank you fpr donating
AussieAl: G’day Kim. Emoticon emoticon-60
KimmyRoo: Good Morning
MableShortt: thanks Rick.
Rick: Hopefully it doesn't happen again . you can let us know via the contact form (or kimmy on facebook) if you need help getting back in if it happens again. Emoticon emoticon-53
MableShortt: several time it was rejecting password and my id too. Then I'd just give up and get busy doing other things and forget about it. Saw Kims post on Facebook about Bruce so decided to see if I could get on again and did.
Rick: I'm sorry to hear that you had login issues, was it rejecting your password?
MableShortt: Hi Rick, thanks for answering ...it's been a long time since I was able to just log in on the first try. Haven't been here in a while.
Rick: Hi Mable, it's drizzle I think.
MableShortt: Is that snow I'm seeing at the Sussex Inlet cam?
RB2sMom: Tending to some chores now......BBL Emoticon emoticon-19
RB2sMom: OK, nice being here at the same time for once Emoticon emoticon-62
Diane_IllinoisUSA: Catch you you later RB2...have to do some things before going to work .....Byeeeeeee!Emoticon emoticon-53
RB2sMom: Yes it is
Diane_IllinoisUSA: Nice looking boat also....
RB2sMom: He was definitely in his element...sailor at heart Emoticon emoticon-2
RB2sMom: And he lived on it for a number of months
Diane_IllinoisUSA: Yes, he got to enjoy the boat a little while at least.
RB2sMom: At least he had several good days on his yacht before the accident
Diane_IllinoisUSA: Yes, so sad!
RB2sMom: Thanks we are all part of the ABC family Emoticon emoticon-3
RB2sMom: Hi Diane, me too Emoticon emoticon-21
Diane_IllinoisUSA: Seen what happened to Bruce Emoticon emoticon-18 Glad he's alright.....sent donation.
RB2sMom: Raining or a lot of bugs at SI. Looks like a bright moon sky at Wollongong.
RB2sMom: Got your message Kim, just got back from eating breakfast
khynan: so not bad
khynan: done it all tongight
khynan: out of 5000
khynan: 200 words to go for esssay
khynan: same close
KimmyRoo: ok bed time for me xx
khynan: same
KimmyRoo: Im suprised it wasnt on the news
khynan: its fine
KimmyRoo: thank you
khynan: its fine i had to
KimmyRoo: thank you for donating to you both
khynan: gabby will love it next year
khynan: im still up gosh darn school assignments
KimmyRoo: Just got off phone to rick and hes going to put it on the banner
KimmyRoo: Already onto it
khynan: good idea rb
RB2sMom: Kimmy/Rick can we post your gofund link below in a place up by the donate sign above so it does not get lost in chat? Emoticon emoticon-72
khynan: <div>sending my thoughts and prayers to you bruce</div>
RB2sMom: Beer o'clock here Emoticon emoticon-9
RB2sMom: Hooroo
RB2sMom: OK nice chatting
AussieAl: Hooroo for now.
AussieAl: Gotta go, RB and Rick, I have an appointment soon.
RB2sMom: The chosen one must feel like a queen
RB2sMom: Smart guy he is
AussieAl: Not he’s not, he played the field first. Emoticon emoticon-62
RB2sMom: Only one, hey he is a model for monogamy
AussieAl: I’ve set up the breeding cage, hope to catch them today or tomorrow.
Rick: Emoticon emoticon-61
AussieAl: I hope to pair them off, see what happens.
AussieAl: Emoticon emoticon-62. I think he’s found “the one”.
RB2sMom: A king and his harem
RB2sMom: Yikes, the one boy has his job cut out for him Emoticon emoticon-23
AussieAl: They’re fine, RB, all eleven girls and one boy.
RB2sMom: How are your budgies doing Al?
RB2sMom: Roots from trees and heavy dumpsters had crumbled the driveway so we could not drive into the garage
AussieAl: Worth it in the end , though.
RB2sMom: I would love to see the video
RB2sMom: And a mess
AussieAl: I think I took a video, I’ Try to find it later.
RB2sMom: A long two day job...a large driveway
RB2sMom: Getting a new driveway put in our property
RB2sMom: Well to a limit, no hurricanes please Emoticon emoticon-62
AussieAl: The heavier the rain, the better.
RB2sMom: They like to have fun too
AussieAl: We saw a couple of dozen having a shower like this in Port Macquarie a few years back.